• Who can become an NSK citizen?
  • Anybody can become an NSK Passport holder. The bearer of the NSK passport becomes a citizen of NSK State.
  • How can I become a citizen of the NSK State?
  • You can become a citizen of the NSK State by sending us your passport application form with two photos. Before you do that, please use one of our payment options, which you can find on our website.
    After we receive your application form with proof of payment we will issue your passport and send it to you.
  • Who may use the passport?
  • Only the owner of the passport may use it as the passport is numbered and non-transferable.
  • What is the price of the passport?
  • The passport costs EUR 32.
  • When will I be issued the passport?
  • After we have received your application form with proof of payment, we will issue your passport and send it to you.
    Because of the greatly increased demand for NSK passports there has been a delay in their issuing. The NSK Information Centre will provide passports to the applicants in the shortest time possible. Currently, this means about one month from the receipt of your application form.
  • Why have I not received my NSK passport?
  • It is possible that we have checked our database and we did not find any record related to you, which means we have received neither your application form nor proof of payment. Please send us both so we can resolve the issue. We always reply to queries.
  • Why would I want to have an NSK Passport if I can't travel with it? Will I be able to travel with the NSK Passport?
  • The NSK Passport does not guarantee the possibility to live and work in Slovenia or in any other country. Only officials of a particular country will be able to assist you in such matters. The NSK Passport is not a legally valid document for crossing borders or for any official use. You use it solely at your own risk.
  • Which territories does NSK citizenship cover?
  • The NSK State denies in its fundamental acts the categories of (limited) territory, the principle of national borders, and advocates the law of transnationality.
  • What obligations and/or benefits does the passport bring to the bearer?
  • By signing the adjoining statement the bearer pledges to participate on a best-effort basis to support the integrity of the NSK State. This passport may not be misused for criminal, ideological, religious or political purposes conflicting with the contents of NSK and/or jeopardizing the reputation and good name of NSK. The NSK passport is valid until cancelled, returned or confiscated. Vital statistics of the bearer are logged in the NSK citizenship register.
  • How do I use the NSK Passport?
  • The passport is a document of a subversive nature and unique value. A holder fills in data and collects in it stamps, signatures, etc., at NSK events and similar campaigns. In this sense, the applicability of the passport is unlimited and subject to the responsibility of its holder.
  • Can I get the Slovene passport?
  • First of all, we have to clearly underline here that Slovenia and the NSK State are not the same thing; The NSK State is not an officially recognised country, and is not part of the EU. You can only obtain Slovene passport through officials of Slovenia.
  • Can I enter the NSK State?
  • The NSK State is a global art project, a symbolic "state" that exists only in the dimension of Time, but not in Space. The NSK State has no physical territory. You "enter" the NSK State by receiving your Passport, and wherever you are you already are also in the NSK State.
  • Can I get a visa? Can I get the invitation letter? Is there an NSK Embassy in Africa? Are there any job possibilities in NSK State?
  • The NSK State has never had permanently operating embassies in physical space. We do not issue valid travelling or working visas and we do not send invitation letters. Symbolic visas have been issued in the past only on occasions of some NSK art events, exhibitions and concerts. Neither does the NSK State or the NSK Information Centre offer any jobs, nor can't we assist you in that matter.
  • Will there be a real NSK State some day?
  • Regarding the future process of the NSK State, we have to say that the fundamental conceptual idea in creating such State was to open this experimental social project for everybody to contribute. In the last years we have noticed that several regional groupings of NSK citizens have started their own artistic or other collaborative projects. We welcome these initiatives, as we see them as active participation in the growing idea of the NSK State.
  • Why are your replies to my letters delayed?
  • We receive a mass of letters in our P.O. Box, and this has caused some letters to remain unanswered, and replies to those letters, most of which require complex answers, have been delayed.
    The NSK Information Centre is in the position of a limited operating capacity; however we always do our best to serve all correspondence.